MAZDA2 Hatchback

Freedom Starts Now

The Mazda2’s exterior evokes a feeling of luxury with considered, easy lines. You’ll sense a stress-free driving experience, even before you get inside. The look and feel conveys a rich, worldly pedigree through each refined element. The meticulous styling highlights a wide stance, conveying both stability and elegance. The Mazda2 shatters the preconception that a car’s value is proportionate to its size. With the latest high-level safety features, the Mazda2 shatters every preconception you hold, break out into freedom and experience effortless joyful driving.


  • Mazda2 1.5L Active 6MT 5-Dr
  • Mazda2 1.5L Dynamic 6MT 5-Dr
  • Mazda2 1.5L Dynamic 6AT 5-Dr
  • Mazda2 1.5L Individual 6AT 5-Dr


SKYACTIV-G is a new generation highly-efficient direct-injection gasoline engine that achieves the world’s highest gasoline engine compression ratio of 14.0:1. Max Power 85kW and Max Torque of 148Nm. The Mazda2’s optimized electric power steering control features improvements to driving using the latest theory and technology for an even more natural driving feel and increased ride comfort.


The Mazda2 features a host of safety features like the heads-up display that keeps you informed without distracting you. Easy to read, track your vehicle’s speed and enjoy driving while avoiding any distractions. Airbags are there to give you peace of mind knowing that you and your passengers are in safe hands. Airbags come standard on the Mazda2. In the event of a collision, front, side and cushion airbags protect all occupants.


The Mazda2’s MZD connect screen interface lets you seamlessly interact with the central infotainment system. It supports Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, USB playback and smartphone apps via the Mazda Connect system. Delight in the ease of wireless charging featured in the individual grade. Reverse camera is there to back you up using the ultrasonic sensors which detect an obstruction when the car is in reverse.